Access System Activities

In particular, the following interdisciplinary areas are covered by the CIAS:

Multimedia call processing

The research to develop and analyze useful call processing algorithms for multimedia communications, supporting voice, data and video services.

Various research subjects include characterization of multimedia services, definition of the multiple access capacity, capacity enhancement issues in the system design, and algorithmic solutions to utilize the system resources.

Broadband digital MODEM

The research in this area include subjects such as channel characterization of millimeter-wave bands for broadband services, bandwidth-efficient coded modulations, multicarrier/multitone modulations for the practical applications covering Digital Subscriber Lines and Multipoint Communication Systems.

Multimedia multiple access control

Multiple access control is another research interest of this group, where variations of CDMA, PRMA, CSMA and their hybrids are considered for the wireless/wired multimedia communications.

Optical Integrated Circuit

These activities carry research projects in the general field of photonics, especially in the basic technology of optical communication employing the wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) and optical time-division multiplexing (TDM) schemes.

With this goal in mind, the research focuses on optical communication components, integrated optics, and design of optical communication networks.

Wireless Services

These services include broad-band data services and broadcasting, and will be connected to the satellite communication networks. The enabling technologies to this area are investigated.

Specific key components which are being investigated are various photoreceivers, analog optical modulators, and novel millimeter-wave-to-optical transducers.

Opto-Electronic Devices

Primary objective of this research is development of electronic devices, integrated circuits (ICs), and sub-systems that are used for communications.

The research area deals with high-speed electronics for high speed optical communication systems and front-end radio frequency components for wireless communication systems.

Related research topics include fabrication of high-speed devices such as MESFET, HEMT, HBT, and design and fabrication of MMIC's and high-speed functional blocks utilizing the devices.

CIAS Quick Facts

The CIAS which is part of GIST is supported by the Korean Government, via Ministry of Science and Technologies, and Ministry of Information and Communication.