CIAS Activities

The CIAS covers three major areas, namely:

  • Photonics Devices Group
  • Microelectronics Devices Group
  • Integrated Systems and Services

Within the different ares, the center focuses on following major activities:

Fundamental research

Fundamental research is carried out in the areas of advanced future applications of integrated access systems. The basic and core topics for fundamental research are:

  • Photonics Devices:

    Development of optical fiber and optical characterization of semiconductor materials and devices which are demanded for broad-band communication networks.

  • Microelectronics Devices:

    The research area deals with high-speed electronics for high speed optical communication systems and front-end radio frequency components for wireless communication systems.

  • Integrated Systems and Services:

    Research hardware techniques need to develop and maintain integrated access systems and communication networks system for multimedia communication.

Training Programs and Workshops

The center actively pursues cooperation with industries through industry-funded research projects in order to provide the students with a practical experience for their future work. Also, the CIAS executes workshops several times a year in the department.

Annual symposium and conference

The CIAS participates in international professional societies, conferences, and trainings and annual symposiums.

CIAS Quick Facts

The CIAS which is part of GIST is supported by the Korean Government, via Ministry of Science and Technologies, and Ministry of Information and Communication.