CIAS Academic Environment

The Center is established in a very favorable environment.

GIST is research-oriented graduate school that focuses on essential fields of science and technology.

There are few departments at GIST and interdisciplinary cooperation between them is common. There are many reasons to study at GIST, including our qualified dedicated faculty, excellent laboratory facilities, links with high-tech industries, and hardworking and friendly students.

  • Departments of Information and Communications (DIC)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE)
  • Mechatronics

These departments constitute the core of center for education, research and development of integrated access systems.

The Center is performing advanced research and high quality education to achieve excellence in Science and Technology. Also Multimedia Library and Computer networks Center provide a great support in R&D programs.

About 20 professors from three Departments are involved in the graduate-level education programs altogether. 50-60 M.S. students and 20-30 Ph.D. students annually complete their research works related to the programs of the center.

CIAS Quick Facts

The CIAS which is part of GIST is supported by the Korean Government, via Ministry of Science and Technologies, and Ministry of Information and Communication.